Season 3, Episode 14: Revelation

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Aired: Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Rating: 1.8/3

Written by Don Handfield & Darren Maddern
Directed by John McPherson

Guest starring
Claire Riley
Garwin Sanford
Robert Picardo as Major Michael McGrath
Bill Millerd as Mullah Aziz
Nathaniel DeVeaux as Detective Reginald Steele
Dillon Moen as Jimmy
Emma Duncan as Patricia
Michael Christopher as FBI agent
Brad Turner as D.C. police officer
Keath Thome as air force sergeant
Daniel B. Melles as griffon guard #2
Kevin Hayes as CZN reporter

I never knew Never Never Land had a "sick bay." Do you think Talmadge just said to send the Major to "sick bay" as an inside reference to the fact that Robert Picardo plays the doctor on "Voyager" and spends most of his time in sick bay?

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