Synopsis of Two Weddings and a Funeral

Parker saves Olga's life in a freak accident and ends up in a coma. She tells the unconcious Parker that she loves him, and he awakens and hears her. He wants to have a relationship, but she tells him to forget it because the only reason he's interested in her is because she seems unattainable, and as soon as he got her he would lose interest. He denies this, and to prove it to her, proposes marriage. She calls his bluff and accepts. He realizes that he really shouldn't go through with it, and Donovan gives him the advice to show Olga the "real him," the Parker that Donovan knows, and this will scare her off. So Parker plans the wedding in Vegas with a Chinese Elvis impersonator performing the ceremony and a cheesy light-up tuxedo. To his surprise, Olga is pleased by the American-ness of it all, and goes through with the ceremony. They celebrate their marriage at a club in Vegas later that night, while everyone else from Never Never Land looks on in amazement.

Parker is hiding in the bathroom, and Donovan comes in and gives him the money that everyone put in the pool betting on who would call off the wedding first and when the wedding would be called off. Since the wedding actually happened, Donovan figures Parker deserves the money. Parker is thinking that he screwed up his last marriage, so he might screw up this one too, and Olga deserves better. Donovan suggests that since they got a quickie marriage in Vegas, they could also get a quickie divorce if that's what Parker wants. Olga is outside the men's room and overhears the conversation. Later, when Donovan steps outside for some air, Olga meets him there and thanks him for being such a good friend to Parker. As they go to walk back inside, she stabs Donovan in the back with a knife, killing him.

Parker and Olga have a romantic romp in their honeymoon suite. Meanwhile, terrorists in New York are stealing explosives and stealing a helicoptor, and run the helicopter full of explosives into the Statue of Liberty, virtually destroying it. Parker and Olga's night of passion is interrupted by the need for a back-step. Olga tells Parker that he probably won't tell her in the next timeline that they were married. Parker promises that he will, and that he'll marry her all over again. He takes the wedding ring off her finger so that he can give it to her in the next timeline. Parker goes back to Never Never Land to back-step while Olga goes home. Olga walks in her front door, grabs a bottle of Vodka from the freezer and starts swigging from it. She walks into the dining room, and there is Olga, tied up to a dining room chair. It turns out that the woman who married Parker is actually Galina Komanov (editor's note: for infomation on Galina's first appearance, see Season 1, Episodes 15 "There's Something About Olga"), who escaped from the mental institution. Galina tells Olga that she married Parker, and that there's going to be a back-step, and decides that it's time to kill Olga. As Parker is about to back-step, Talmadge finds out that Galina is on the loose. He tries to stop the back-step to tell Parker, but he's too late, and Parker goes back seven days without the info.

In the new timeline, he easily thwarts the terrorists threatening to blow up the Statue of Liberty, and takes Olga aside to tell her about their marriage. She doesn't believe him, even when he shows her the wedding band with the inscription inside. Meanwhile, Galina is in the process of escaping from the mental institution by blowing it up. She goes straight to Olga's house, puts Olga out of commission, and begins working on her appearance and her imitation of Olga. Olga listens to Galina pretending to flirt with parker, and tells Galina that their relationship isn't like that anymore. Olga says that she and Parker have gotten much more serious, and that actually, Parker asked her to marry him, she said yes, and they were going to go ring shopping. Galina, elated, goes to Parker and tells him to ask her again. He asks again and she immediately says yes. Then she says that she's excited to go ring shopping, and that she doesn't need a diamond. Parker realizes that this woman doesn't remember that he showed her the rings yesterday, and checks up on Galina's status at the mental institution. He finds out that she blew it up and escaped, so he goes to Olga's house. He finds Olga tied up in the dining room, and unties her. As they're leaving the house, a crash comes from downstairs, and he realizes that he's actually just rescues Galina. He goes to the basement to rescue the real Olga, but Galina slams him with the basement door and he falls unconcious to the bottom of the stairs.

When Parker awakes, he is tied up in a candle-filled warehouse with a weakened Olga trapped next to him. Galina decides that Olga and Parker should marry each other, and performs the ceremony herself, stressing the "till death do you part" part. She finishes the ceremony, and prepares to knife them both, but Parker breaks free of his bonds and attacks her. He prevents her throwing the knives, but she hits him with a shovel. Olga is free and starts to run away, but then realizes that she doesn't want to run this time. She grabs a chain, and uses it to get the shovel away from Galina. She then hit Galina good and hard, and pushes her back onto a handy-dandy stake sticking out of the wall. Galina murmurs something in Russian and then dies. Olga translates for Parker. She said it was the happiest day of her life.

Parker decides to get to know Olga better, and starts grilling her on her likes and dislikes. She let's him know that she would never, ever, get married in Vegas.

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