#1 The Football
#2 Pinball Wizard
#3 Parker.com
#4 For the Children
#5 Two Weddings and a Funeral
#6 Walk Away
#7 Sister's Keeper
#8 The Collector
#9 Love and Other Disasters
#10 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
#11 Time Gremlin
#12 Buried Alive
#13 The Backstepper's Apprentice
#14 Deja Vu All Over Again
#15 Space Station Down
#16 The Cuban Missile
#17 X-35 Needs Changing
#18 Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?
#19 Pope Parker
#20 Witch Way to the Prom
#21 Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood
#22 Playmates and Presidents
#23 The Cure

Producer Ron Binkowski, Co-executive producer John McPherson, Co-executive producer Brad Markowitz, Co-executive producer Thomas Ropelewski, Co-executive producer Alfonse Ruggiero Jr.

#1 The Football: Aired Wednesday, September 29, 1999

The secret service agent carrying the Football (the briefcase-like portable device that allows the president of the U.S. to launch a nuclear attack from anywhere) gets separated from the president's entourage, and ends up getting mugged. After a nuclear Armageddon, Parker goes back in time, and with help from Olga, tracks the briefcase around some of the worst neighborhoods in D.C. After numerous gun showdowns, and Olga having to strip at a seedy club, Parker finally weasels the device away from a depressed ape at the zoo who has managed to figure out the codes and start the launch sequence.

#2 Pinball Wizard: Aired Wednesday, October 6, 1999

After someone uses the U.S.'s own missiles to attack the Pentagon, Parker goes back in time to prevent the death of the Secretary of Defense. He finds out that a disgruntled geek is using teenagers to pilot missiles, and the teenagers just think they're testing video games. Parker convinces one of the kids to work for the NSA, and when the attack on the Pentagon is launched, the teenagers battle it out with missiles in the sky. Of course, the Pentagon is saved and the teen, an abused runaway, gets her life together.

#3 Parker.com: Aired Wednesday, October 13, 1999

An artificially intelligent supercomputer named Claire disarms all nuclear weapons and shuts down all nuclear power plants in a misguided effort to save mankind. Frank Parker takes advantage of the computer's crush on him to distract her while her creators shut her down.

#4 For the Children: Aired Wednesday, October 20, 1999

In order to get the president of the U.S. to admit the existence of Gulf War syndrome, four veterans hijack a subway train in L.A. that is carrying twelve sixth-grade honor students visiting from a small midwest town. A backstep is planned because it is thought that an important UN official is on the train, but the backstep is cancelled when the NSA discoversthe official was not actually on board. Parker resigns from project backstep when he realizes that no one cares enough about the kids to "waste" the fuel on them, and is put in solitary confinement after breaking Ramsey's nose when Ramsey arrests him to bring him back to Never Never Land. Olga, Donovan and Ramsey concoct a plan to convince the NSA that an important courier with state secret information was on the train, and Parker is allowed to backstep at the last possible moment, saving the kids not only on the train, but after they are back in the "safety" of their tour guide, who was actually one of the veterans in disguise.

#5 Two Weddings and a Funeral: Aired Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Parker weds Olga in Las Vegas, but the bride turns out to be escaped psychotic killer Galina Komanov in disguise.

#6 Walk Away: Aired Wednesday, November 10, 1999

After an alien implant cures Dr. Ballard's paralysis, he becomes a host to a dangerous alien on a mission to kill everyone on Earth.

#7 Sister's Keeper: Aired Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Olga gets a call from her sister, Svetlana, to meet her in Las Vegas, and arrives just in time to see her beautiful younger sister killed in an elevator. Luckily, Parker is about to backstep for a completely unrelated reason, so Olga gives him a note to give back to her in the other timeline. Of course, Parker reads it, and so after he backsteps he and Olga together head for Vegas to try to prevent her sister's death. Svetlana is masquerading as a nun singing in a choir to raise money to prevent the closure of an orphanage. However, she is really a hustler running from Russian mobsters who want their stolen money returned. After a series of betrayals and lies, and Olga being extremely jealous ab out her sister's interest in Parker, Parker finally lets Svetlana go free, but makes sure that the stolen money ends up going to the destitute orphanage.

#8 The Collector: Aired Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Parker feels guilty when he pilots the sphere drunk and crash lands into a prison, setting free a serial killer as he is about to be put to death for his crimes. When he is not allowed to backstep again to right his wrongs, he decides to hunt the killer himself. Olga helps him, and for her troubles gets kidnapped by the killer. The killer suggests to Olga that she and Parker are more than friends. Parker finally saves Olga and shoots her captor dead, although one of the other captive women has already been impregnated by the serial killer.

#9 Love and Other Disasters: Aired Wednesday, December 15, 1999

When what appears to be an accidental explosion kills many of the important guests at a royal European wedding, Parker backsteps and removes the caterer's propane tank that caused the explosion. He also tries to prevent the romance between Olga and the best man. It turns out, however, that the explosion was actually a terrorist attack, and when the terrorists are thwarted they resort to machine guns and hostages. The terrorist leader happens to be Olga's new flame. Parker saves the princess, and shows her that she doesn't have to go through with this arranged marriage to save her family.

#10 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Aired Wednesday, January 5, 2000

Parker must prevent a communist-hating admiral from starting an unecessary war off the Taiwan coast.

#11 Time Gremlin: Aired Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Parker backsteps to stop scientists from causing a huge earthquake in California, and instead picks up a time gremlin from outer space. Everyone thinks Parker is crazy until the gremlin starts having fun wrecking technology at Never Never Land. The gremlin prevents his own capture by putting people into different times: Olga ages rapidly, Mentnor becomes a little kid, Talmadge and Ramsey are frozen in time, and Ballard is in such high speed that no one can understand him. With a little help from a slowed-down video tape of Ballard, Parker lures the gremlin back into the sphere, and hurtles it back home into space while backstepping to stop the earthquake with only seconds to spare.

#12 Buried Alive: Aired Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Backstepping to prevent a seismic disaster caused by illegal mine-blasting, Parker's sphere materializes deep underground, and he recalls the life lessons he learned from a priest in the boxing ring and as a POW in Somalia as his oxygen supply dwindles.

#13 The Backstepper's Apprentice: Aired Wednesday, February 16, 2000

While on a mission to save a Nobel laureate assassinated by the Colombian drug cartel, Parker passes by an exploding commercial plane and picks up a time-travelling hitch-hiker. The hitch-hiker, a boy who has just had the worst day of his life in which his grandfather dies, goes on a mission to save his grandfather, while Parker tries to figure out why the plane exploded and if the sphere passing by had anything to do with it.

#14 Deja Vu All Over Again: Aired Wednesday, February 23, 2000

On vacation in British Columbia, Talmadge is captured by Chinese terrorists and committs suicide to prevent his interrogation about the Backstep project. Meanwhile, Parker is experiencing time burps and strange conversations with himself. Bubbles in beer are going down instead of up, and he has an insatiable craving for fried chicken. Parker backsteps to save Talmadge, which he does in the nick of time, but he also witnesses the death of an innocent pregnant woman in a shootout, and wills a time burp so that he can go back and do it again and also save the woman. The second time around, he saves the woman, but Talmadge dies from a gunshot wound. Parker manages to will one more time burp in which he saves both the woman and Talmadge. He thinks he's gotten rid of the time burps, but then suddenly his beer bubbles are going down again, and his alter ego suggests to him that he might still be in the insane asylum, and the whole Backstep project is just in his head.

#15 Space Station Down: Aired Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Parker successfully backsteps to prevent a revolutionary space station from being destroyed by a meteor and spreading radiation all over the US east coast. However, the station isn't out of the woods yet. Of the crew of three, one gets sucked out into space through a hull breach caused by smaller meteors, one tries to selfishly save himself in a life boat but isn't aligned correctly and burns up re-entering the atmosphere, and the insecure captain sacrifices her own life to prevent the radiation disaster from happening all over again. Parker narrowly escapes death himself in the sphere.

#16 The Cuban Missile: Aired Wednesday, March 22, 2000

When Fidel Castro's adopted son, Teo, is assassinated while boxing in the US, Parker must backstep to prevent the following nuclear attack on Miami from Cuba. After the backstep, Parker meets Teo, and finds out that his sister and mother, presumed dead, are actually alive and living in the US. Teo decides to defect and not fight for Fidel, who actually killed his father, but his fight promoter, and old enemy of Parker's, kidnaps Teo's sister and forces him to fight. He enters the ring, but doesn't make any effort. Meanwhile, Parker finds out that the assassination threat is coming from Castro's own General, who wants to provoke Castro into attacking the US. Parker takes out the guy with the gun, save Teo's sister, and Teo decides to fight the fight for the US and for his mother and sister, becoming the middle-weight champion of the world.

#17 X-35 Needs Changing: Aired Wednesday, April 5, 2000

A genetically engineered baby known as project X-35 is stolen from a lab in Illinois and turns up in the far reaches of Chechnya. Parker and Olga are sent to retrieve the valuable tot who has been stolen by rebel soldiers who think he will become the next great leader of their people. Meanwhile, the suburban surrogate mother used to incububate the baby still mourns the loss of the child she carried. Parker and Olga retrieve the baby, and during the long fight back to Moscow, their parental sides come out in a way neither of them would have predicted. They are double-crossed by their contact in Moscow, but with some help from a brave soldier at the American Embassy, they manage to return to safely to the U.S. In the end, they find they can't return the baby to the lab, and instead give it back to the surrogate mother and help her and her husband disappear.

#18 Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?: Aired Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Someone bombs a senator and a bunch of people who are being sworn in as citizens. It turns out to be Ramsey's older brother, Nicky, and Ramsey himself loses his job and good standing because he was careless and allowed Nicky access to useful classified mail codes. Parker backsteps and doesn't give the team the full story, instead pulling Ramsey aside and telling him that they have to stop his brother. Parker and Ramsey work together, and prevent the bombings, covering up what Ramsey's brother was attempting to do and getting him back on his medication so that he doesn't try to do it again.

#19 Pope Parker: Aired Wednesday, April 26, 2000

When the pope is shot right before brokering a world-changing peace deal, Parker backsteps to prevent the event. However, a glitch causes Parker to actually assume the identity of the pope. He must convince the pope's assistants that he isn't insane, and get himself safely to America without being shot by the escaped prisoner who originally tried to take the pope's life. Then, in the pope's body, he must backstep to recover his own body and still prevent the pope's death yet again.

#20 Witch Way to the Prom: Aired Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Three boy-crazy teens in Boston try to conjure up a prom date and end up spotting a terrorist that they mistake as their creation. Due to their meddling, the terrorist's bombs explode early and kill an important MIT professor who was heading up department of defense projects. Parker is excited for his backstep, because then he can ask Olga out for her birthday before Ramsey gets the chance. Due to Parker's arrival on the scene, the three wanna-be witches now mistake Parker as their mystical prom date. Parker has Olga join him in Boston to help decipher the girls' notebook that was written in a combination of teen angst and cyrillic and found on the bomb scene. Angered by Olga's appearance on the scene, the teens will her a broken ankle. Parker finds the girls themselves, and with their help translating the notebook from the other timeline, Parker is able to successfully track the terrorist and prevent his bombing of a peace treaty between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Parker shows up at the prom to thank the girls for their help.

#21 Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood: Aired Wednesday, May 10, 2000

When Donovan's sister is murdered at the hands of a neighborhood drug ring, Donovan goes home blinded with revenge, and winds up in jail for murder. In order to backstep, Parker reveals the top secret project to USA Today, so that the authorities will approve a backstep to prevent the release the secure information. When Parker gets to the new timeline, he lies that the First Lady died in the crackhouse where Donovan's sister was actually murdered. Donovan saves his sister, and with the help of a prophetical reverend, takes down a huge drug-chain in his old neighborhood.

#22 Playmates and Presidents: Aired Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Parker's quick actions to save the life of presidential candidate, Gov. Jack Stevens, result in an offer to join the campaign elite as a bodyguard. But the candidate's renegade daughter clues Parker into her father's secret emotions, and with the help of Stevens's diary Parker figures out that once he takes office, he plans to create an excuse to bomb Korea. Parker and Stevens's daughter manage to emotionally bully the presidential candidate into resigning from the race with a medical excuse.

#23 The Cure: Aired Wednesday, May 24, 2000

A crononaut comes back from 168 years in the future to kill a scientist who has dedicated her life to curing cancer. Apparently her vaccine eventually worked, but years after most of the world was vaccinated, it turned out that the vaccine mutated into a deadly virus killing off most of humanity. Olga and Parker conspire to protect the scientist, trying to convince her of the dangers of her cure so that she won't complete it. Just as Parker has her convinced to continue her research to get it right, the crononaut from the future completes his mission, dying next to his dead victim after being shot by a security guard.